Script: Creating users and group on Linux

Linux: Basic script to create users and groups from a text file. martin,pier,1995-11-07,sales silvie,audain,1975-10-08,HR jacque,lamie,1988-09-09,tech mike,paul,1989-08-10,admin paul,simon,1976-07-12,sales As you can see, each line contains the surname, the first name, the date of birth, the department and they all separated by a comma. Script ADDB=0                        […]

Active Directory

Active directory and Microsoft Exchange Usefull

Microsoft has several commands available through the Powershell server with Windows, allowing access to Active Directory. This simplifies tasks that previously required the introduction of long lines of code involving. The Active Directory module via PowerShell must be installed. Active Directory Cmdlet // Export members list of a group Get-ADGroupMember -identity “Account” | select name […]