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6 Useful advanced grep options like grep -v ftpd, grep -rl

Usually, grep command is used for searching a string or regular expression against a file or files or an input stream. Here I am discussing the advanced grep options used for grep command, like grep -rl, grep -v ftpd, which is helpful for the system admin to get filtered results from the logs and other command outputs. Counting […]

Scripting Windows Platform

Powershell command with Active directory,Organizational Units,SamAccountName

PowerShell Powershell is a scripting language and command-line shell. It allows you to enter commands in a console and get an immediate result. It also offers the ability to write scripts in text files and execute them.  Powershell commands, called Cmdlet (read Command-let), allow you to create, modify, and delete Active directory user accounts. In short, a […]

Linux and Unix Scripting

Learn Cron job on Linux – CronTab – Cron Task – Linux – bash script |

Linux Linux Cron program allows you to save a list of tasks that will be executed periodically thru the Cron job rules. You can create a bash script to process your Cron task or only use the bash commands. [[email protected] ~] # crontab audain.cron First of all this is the options list: -l : Displays the list […]

Technologies Cisco

Cisco Lab (2 Switch 1 Routeur 4 utilisateurs) 09:02:04 2015 Sw1 Switch>enable 09:02:10 2015 Sw1 Switch#config t 09:02:15 2015 Sw1 Switch(config)#hostname SW1 09:02:27 2015 Sw1 SW1(config)#enable secret class 09:02:33 2015 Sw1 SW1(config)#line console 0 09:02:38 2015 Sw1 SW1(config-line)#password cisco 09:02:40 2015 Sw1 SW1(config-line)#login 09:02:45 2015 Sw1 SW1(config-line)#line vty 0 4 09:02:50 2015 Sw1 SW1(config-line)#password […]

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Les réseaux informatiques

De nos jours les réseaux informatiques ont  beaucoup évolués et ont permis de faciliter l’apprentissage, la communication, le travail et le divertissement.    Il existe plusieurs type d’infrastructures réseau, les plus répandus sont le réseau Local (LAN) et le réseau étendu (WAN).  D’autre types de réseaux sont aussi disponible comme le réseau métropolitain (MAN), le réseau […]