Linux and Unix

6 Useful advanced grep options like grep -v ftpd, grep -rl

Usually, grep command is used for searching a string or regular expression against a file or files or an input stream. Here I am discussing the advanced grep options used for grep command, like grep -rl, grep -v ftpd, which is helpful for the system admin to get filtered results from the logs and other command outputs. Counting […]

Scripting Windows Platform

Powershell command with Active directory,Organizational Units,SamAccountName

PowerShell Powershell is a scripting language and command-line shell. It allows you to enter commands in a console and get an immediate result. It also offers the ability to write scripts in text files and execute them.  Powershell commands, called Cmdlet (read Command-let), allow you to create, modify, and delete Active directory user accounts. In short, a […]

Linux and Unix Scripting

Learn Cron job on Linux – CronTab – Cron Task – Linux – bash script |

Linux Linux Cron program allows you to save a list of tasks that will be executed periodically thru the Cron job rules. You can create a bash script to process your Cron task or only use the bash commands. [[email protected] ~] # crontab audain.cron First of all this is the options list: -l : Displays the list […]