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An Anti-virus And How It Saved My Computer.

Not too long ago I experienced a major meltdown on my computer, I am afraid to say it was due to a virus. It seems the Anti-virus I had at the time was having a conflict with my laptop; as a result, a nasty virus snuck in my system and started playing around. At first, I did not realize what it was, web pages did not load correctly, and programs either would not load or would freeze when they did. I even got the dreaded Blue Screen.

I like many others out there whose computers now have viruses even though they have an anti-virus program. My anti-virus and my computer had conflicts, and I did not realize what it was until it was almost too late. A friend of mine mentioned that I might have a virus; I stated to her that I had a program and it was running. It was then that I learned that not all anti-viruses catch all viruses. She recommended I do a scan on my computer. I did use my old anti-virus and it showed up clean. I was then told to run another virus remover tool, I did and low and behold, there were quite a few of the little rotten things hiding in my PC. It seems that my anti-virus had not done its job. Thankfully, though I found one that did, AVG Free Edition.

Once I got rid of the viruses, my programs started working again, my Internet did not hang up, and my life on my computer returned back to normal. So why am I telling you my misfortune with Computer Viruses, simple really? I was fortunate enough to have a friend help me in my time of need and I want to be able to help you before yours gets as bad as mine did.