Notepad Script using Form textarea

Notepad Script using “textarea” Notepad is a simple text editor from Microsoft, which is included in all versions of Windows. You will find bellow  a simple notepad in browser using “textarea” you can also save that text as textfile like audain.txt when we click the button in the dialog. ——————————————- /* This PHP script is useful […]

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At A Glance: vs. PHP

In the world of web development, the choice of which development language to use commonly comes down to two popular choices. Web applications, specifically those relying on back end databases, are typically being created using either Microsoft’s ASP.Net language, or the Open Source alternative language of PHP. Reasons why one might choose one over the […]

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4 Necessary Steps You Should Take When You are Online

When you connect to the internet you can harm your PC. That is a fact. The reason antivirus software and other similar products where created is to protect your PC. It is not your fault that you got viruses, however you should take the precaution methods to stop this from happening again. Keep PC Clean: […]


3 More Common E-Mail Problems And What To Do About Them

As we continue to evolve into the world of e-mail that is part of our everyday life, sometimes little problems arise that bother the user. Previously we talked about returned messages and lost connections, both which can be aggravating, and supplied solutions. But there are a few more problems that can affect an e-mail user […]


Common E-Mail Problems and What To Do About Them

When it works well, e-mail can be great. On the other hand, we all like to use text message but email is still the best way to stay in touch with family to also request information from businesses or other organizations. Want to send the same message to several people? Communicate with someone across the […]


Best Passwords

No sane person would ever like someone else reading her email. Or for that matter some other person using her password and breaking into a financial institution. You should, therefore, choose a strong, secure password in such a manner that would be a hard nut to crack for others and easy for you to remember. […]


Batch Remove Spaces from File and Rename | Powershell Script

To batch remove spaces from your file names with Powershell script $source = ‘C:\TEMP\rep’      ***Add here the image source path location**** $dest = ‘C:\TEMP\rep\back’    ***Add here the image destination path location**** Get-ChildItem $source | % {copy $_.FullName $(join-path $dest ($ – replace ‘ ‘))}  

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Microsoft Internet Explorer CVE-2019-0921 Spoofing Vulnerability

Type: Microsoft Internet Explorer is prone to a security vulnerability that may allow attackers to conduct spoofing attacks; fixes are available.Type: Microsoft Internet Explorer is prone to a security vulnerability that may allow attackers to conduct spoofing attacks; fixes are available.