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Essential Windows command line

Change the default drive To change the default drive, simply type the drive letter of your choice and press enter Examples: C:\ > D: [Enter]  (Changes the default drive from C to D) D:\ > C: [Enter]  (Change the default drive from D to C) Change Directory To change directory use CD command C:\ > […]

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Creating a bootable USB drive

It’s always useful to have a bootable USB stick, it helps to get out of complicated situations and solve problems. To create a bootable USB drive, the following steps must be followed: Unzip the ISO image into a directory on your computer (if do not use the USB key for decompression). You can use the […]

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Fix : File Explorer keep crashing

I decide to transfer a picture or video from my PC to a USB stick, but first I try to access the file, but suddenly my Windows File Explorer hangs up permanently and does not even start. This is the step I try to fix the File Explorer Crashes issue : Solution 1- Clear File […]

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Query and kill a process on a remote computer using PowerShell

Kill a process with PowerShell Who never had the situation,  for example, one or more processes of a user must be stopped. Currently, this can be done remotely by an administrator without having to switch to the user’s computer. Get-Process First, we will use Get-Process cmd to list the processes that are running on the […]

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Issue Opening Adobe XD (Your developer license has expired. To continue to use this app, please renew your license.)

Adobe XD Issue Issue Opening Adobe XD (Your developer license has expired. To continue to use this app, please renew your license.) Concerning the error: “Your developer license has expired. To continue to use this app, please renew your license.”    In fact, That is surprised me,  in particular, because my Adobe account is not […]

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Top 7 PowerShell commands AD-Exchange

This exercise I will cover the seven most used PowerShell commands helping you to use Active Directory. New-ADOrganizationalUnit,New-ADUser,NEW-ADGroup,ADD-ADGroupMember,New-MailboxDatabase, Enable-Mailbox,Set-ADGroup # 1 – Create Montreal organizational unit for Montreal employees. New-ADOrganizationalUnit Montreal # 2 Create user account Philippe in montreal Organization Unit. New-ADUser -Name “Philippe” -Enabled $True -path “OU=Montréal,DC=formation,DC=local” -SamAccountName “Philippe” -UserPrincipalName “[email protected]” -AccountPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString “Motdepasse2016” […]

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How to remove duplicate folders in Outlook when connected to an Exchange Server mailbox

Symptoms In Microsoft Outlook, you see duplicate folders in your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox when you view the Outlook folder list, or when you view the folder list by using Outlook Web App (OWA). Cause A mobile device or a third-party server application that synchronizes with the Exchange Server mailbox may unexpectedly introduce the duplication. Or, the unexpected […]

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Microsoft Exchange useful command

Get-TransportAgent Use the Get-TransportAgent cmdlet to view the configuration of a transport agent. Disable-TransportAgent  “Transport Rule Agent” Use the Disable-TransportAgent cmdlet to disable a transport agent. Get-queue -Filter * Use the Get-Queue cmdlet to view configuration information for queues on Mailbox servers or Edge Transport servers. Get-TransportServer | Get-Queue Get-TransportServer | Get-Queue | Get-Message Get-Recipient […]

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List of useful DOS Commands

This DOS commands list is useful when you need to control remotely a computer. Enable Firewall NetSh Advfirewall set allprofiles state on Disable Firewall NetSh Advfirewall set allprofiles state off Create Task SchTasks /Create /SC DAILY /TN TaskName /RU %host%\username /RP userpassword /TR c:\temp\tasktoexecute.exe /RL HIGHEST /ST 07:30 /f Delete Task SchTasks /Delete /TN HITBACKUP_PST […]

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Microsoft AZ-300 Exam

Microsoft AZ-300 Exam Exam Microsoft AZ-300 Exam Title Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Exam Version 12.0 Product Type 240 Q&A with explanations Product Questions: 240 Version: 12.0 Mix Questions Question: 1 Note: This question is part of a series of questions that present the same scenario. Each question in the series contains a unique solution that might meet the stated […]