Notepad Script using Form textarea

Notepad Script using “textarea” Notepad is a simple text editor from Microsoft, which is included in all versions of Windows. You will find bellow  a simple notepad in browser using “textarea” you can also save that text as textfile like audain.txt when we click the button in the dialog. ——————————————- /* This PHP script is useful […]

Linux and Unix Scripting

Linux Monitor Log files changes – Send report by sendgrid

This script will monitor and send an email thru sendgrid if there any log change or any new entry in the log   #!/bin/bash SENDGRID_API_KEY=”<API KEY HERE>” EMAIL_TO=”<YOUR EMAIL>” FROM_EMAIL=”<ANYTHING YOU WANT>” FROM_NAME=”<Server Log Update>” SUBJECT=”Log Update”   if [ $# -ne 2 ];then echo “Usage: ${0##/} [FILE] [TIME_TO_WAIT]” # for you /var/log/vsftpd.log or something […]


PowerShell to send an email via sendgrid or authentificated SMTP when something happens in the Event Log.

If you need to get notified when something happen in the event log How it works: 1) In Event viewer, select the event you want to get notified. Right click it and select “Attach a Task To this Event…”   2) Follow the wizard.  Give a Name 3 ) Click on next 4 ) Step […]