Windows Platform

Query and kill a process on a remote computer using PowerShell

Kill a process with PowerShell Who never had the situation,  for example, one or more processes of a user must be stopped. Currently, this can be done remotely by an administrator without having to switch to the user’s computer. Get-Process First, we will use Get-Process cmd to list the processes that are running on the […]

Scripting Windows Platform

Powershell Find licence key,List program,Unistall a program,Show process,Kill process

<# Find license key, List program,Uninstall a program, Show the process, Kill process from powershell Hi all, You will find below a script that will help you manage a remote computer from PowerShell. With this script you will be able: 1- Find from a remote computer, the license key. 2- List all program install on […]

Scripting Windows Platform

How to find local Window key or remote window Key

Get-WmiObject : There a lot a third party software out there you can buy to retrieve your microsoft window key.  But for myself, I don’t like to install software on my machine because sometime the script will install a spyware on my machine. Get-WmiObject: is the easiest way to Querying WMI on Local and Remote […]


PowerShell to send an email via sendgrid or authentificated SMTP when something happens in the Event Log.

If you need to get notified when something happen in the event log How it works: 1) In Event viewer, select the event you want to get notified. Right click it and select “Attach a Task To this Event…”   2) Follow the wizard.  Give a Name 3 ) Click on next 4 ) Step […]