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Top 7 PowerShell commands AD-Exchange

This exercise I will cover the seven most used PowerShell commands helping you to use Active Directory. New-ADOrganizationalUnit,New-ADUser,NEW-ADGroup,ADD-ADGroupMember,New-MailboxDatabase, Enable-Mailbox,Set-ADGroup

# 1 – Create Montreal organizational unit for Montreal employees.

New-ADOrganizationalUnit Montreal

# 2 Create user account Philippe in montreal Organization Unit.

New-ADUser -Name “Philippe” -Enabled $True -path “OU=Montréal,DC=formation,DC=local” -SamAccountName “Philippe” -UserPrincipalName “[email protected]” -AccountPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString “Motdepasse2016” -AsPlainText -force)

# 3 Create the following groups: Inventory

NEW-ADGroup –name “Inventory” –groupscope Global
# 4 Add user Philippe to Inventory group

ADD-ADGroupMember “Inventory” –members “Philippe”

# 5 Create mailbox for user Philippe

New-MailboxDatabase lab2 -Server dc
Restart-Service MSExchangeIS
Enable-Mailbox -Identity Philippe -Database lab2

# 6 Create mailbox for Inventory group

Set-ADGroup Inventory -GroupScope Universal

Enable-distributionGroup -Identity Inventory